What to do, What to do!

This past week I discovered I have gallstones (that’s plural!) and had suffered a possible gallstone attack and passed a stone. After an ultrasound and some blood tests, it was determined I should have my gallbladder removed. Well, isn’t that a fine how-do-you-do and Merry Christmas!

Because we’re going to NY over the Christmas holiday, I’m hoping to postpone the surgery until after the holidays. So, that presents an issue of trying to restrict my diet to avoid another gallstone attack. After experiencing one attack, I would REALLY love to avoid going through that kind of pain and discomfort again. Not pleasant!

Limitations on my diet before and for months after the surgery require low-fat foods and eating in smaller quantities, but more frequently. What an awful time of year for this to happen!! I love my peppermint bark…I seriously doubt they make that in a low-fat version. I need to try and avoid any whole milk, creams and cheese made with whole milk, pancakes,donuts, potato chips, sweet rolls, anything fried, butter and butter sauces,cream soups…….

I had also purchased a nice quantity of cookie frosting, new Christmas cookie cutters and was all prepared to create a nice little christmas cookie factory in my kitchen and have some fun. Although I may still do that, consuming my own hard work may not even be an option. Or at least I’ll only be able to have one or two. Oh, the temptations this time of year!

Granted,I NEED to lose weight and I NEED to eat better, but going cold turkey on some of my favorite items wasn’t what I really had in mind. I was going to start exercising and eating better right after the New Year, but I guess I best start now.

I’m hoping to have the surgery as soon as possible after the holidays. There is are recovery period, then a longer period of time (months) for your internal organs to reconfigure your digestion without your gallbladder. If I can get my dietfigured out around the holidays, hopefully it’ll be a short dietary adjustment after the surgery. I would truly love to be able to eat some more fattening items by the time we got our trip to England/Scotland in May. Would hate to miss a traditional English and Scottish breakfast.

Thankfully,it doesn’t appear tea is effecting my digestion too badly just yet. Not sure I could do without my tea! And at least this latest medical issue isn’t brain related!

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