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Tea Gifties for Christmas

I scored some lovely tea gifties for my birthday and for Christmas.

My sister Rhonda, got me a beautiful small white tea pot with infuser, as well as a terrific mug that has the words “Tea Time” on it. She had wanted to get the words “with Heidi” hand-painted on it as well, but ran out of time. It was truly the thought that counts and I appreciated that a great deal.

My niece Jenny bought me a large assortment of 96 tea bags from Hickory Farms and my friend Deb picked up the Pfaltzgraff Winterberry tea cups and saucers to go with the rest of my set.

My friend Deb also put together a fabulous gift basket full of tea goodies. Tea biscuits, lemon curd, chocolate covered fruit, lemon wafers, peppermint candies, peppermint tea and plenty of shortbread. Of course, I have pretty much eaten everything prior to New Years so I could start my “healthier eating” resolution on time. Hate to have to eat it all in a few days, but I forced myself! I have saved the shortbread cookies and will do my best to eat just one or two per sitting throughout the next few months. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m so blessed to have family and friend who know how much I love my tea and enjoy making me smile by giving me the gift of tea. Tea is truly a warm and fuzzy comfort food for me and I take great pleasure in enjoying each cup to its fullest. I’m also thrilled my niece has started drinking tea in her new Keurig coffee maker.

Oh, and January is National Hot Tea Month! So, why not try some tea yourselves?

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