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My Odd Tea Dream

Perhaps it’s all of the talk Dave and I are doing about having a wonderful tea while we’re in England/Scotland or all of the reruns of the Tudors we’ve been watching, but my dream last night was certainly odd to say the least!

Dave, my sister Dori, and I were meeting Piers Morgan from CNN and his wife Cat Ommanney from the now defunct Real Housewives of D.C. for dinner….in Canada! Yes, Piers and Cat are both British, but they’re NOT married.

Unfortunately, Piers was unable to join us for dinner because he was having Selma Hayek on his television show. I was a little put off in my dream that he chose Selma over dinner with us, but quite frankly, who can blame him? She’s adorable.

Cat told us to meet her at this funky tea/bar/restaurant in an upscale part of Canada. It reminded me of one of the older areas of Toronto with brownstones. An old-world feel, but with modern aesthetics.

I assumed it was just a restaurant, but as we entered and met up with Cat, I discovered it was mostly for tea! Imagine my delight and surprise.It was very crowded with a highly eclectic mix of people from all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We are able to find a small table in one of the smaller rooms off the main room. This outside room was much brighter with white linen curtains. The main room reminded me of the banquet scenes from The Tudors. LOL Very dark, with rich colors, but warm at the same time.At this point of the day (back to real life now) some 8 hours after I woke up this morning, I do not recall any of the conversation that took place in my dream. But I do remember I was having a great time and the food and tea were incredible.

Even Piers put in an appearance at one point and joined us, but he had to leave again. I’m not sure if he was flying back to Atlanta or whoever he films his show or what, but we were honored he showed up, even briefly.As we went up for seconds (apparently the tea and goodies was self-serve) we were told to stand off to the side of the bar. Yes, there was a bar.

As we settled in to the side beside to wonderfully old women, we noticed a long trail of white plates with some kind of cream sauce on them moving in single-file across the floor between the bar stools, tables, and chairs!! It was fantastic. Everyone was cheering and wonderful just how they did it! It was a train of white plates with no visible means of transportation. Apparently whatever they were serving next, was going to be dipped (or placed) into the cream that was on the plates.

I DO remember the sheer joy and delight of that fantastic display of creativity. The entire crowd was also mesmerized.So…look out England and Scotland! You’re going to have a lot of live up to!

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