Gardening Plans? What Gardening Plan?

I will not be planting much in the way of sowing seeds inside this year. Although the reason for not doing so is a really good one — we’re going to England and Scotland in May!

I don’t have anyone to water my plants for me while I’m gone and that time of year is very iffy in Maine. Could be 30 degrees the entire time we’re gone or it could be near 80! Anything I plant inside and move out into our greenhouse will no doubt suffer badly. So, like I did in 2010 when Dave and I got married, I’ll hold off on planting anything until after we’re back when I know the soil will be warmer and I’ll be around to water things.

In 2010, I bought plants and seedlings and planted those, mostly in containers on the deck and dock, but it was nice to already have healthy seedlings to work with. I will no doubt do the same thing this year.

Since my ruptured brain aneurysm and the subsequent discovery of another one, I’ve taken things a tad slower in the garden. Weeding is something that is physically difficult for me to do, so…basically, I just don’t do it! LOL This makes the garden quite a yucky mess later in the season. My container plants do relatively well on the deck and the perennials I have in the larger garden continue to welcome me back even after I have treated them badly. I love my roses, but so do the Japanese Beatles that invade each year.

So this year I’ll take it easy, but for a very good reason. I won’t mind not doing major seed starting this year, although I’ll feel a little guilty seeing how I work for a seed company and should probably set a relatively good example! But I WILL enjoy some plants once we get back so I’ll have beautiful flowers and wildlife to enjoy while having my outdoor teas. Until then, I’ll just have to enjoy the photographs of what I grew and maintained last year! I hope you do too.

2011 Garden Photos

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