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How Does One…

How does one who loves her collection of tea pots, cups, and saucers not go absolutely retail crazy while we’re in London and Scotland next month? How, I ask you? HOW?

I’ve also collected quite the large assortment of mugs over the years, buying one at each location around the country or elsewhere as a reminder and memento of that particular spot, whether it be a state park or a major tourist attraction. NOT picking up a tea cup or mug from Kensington Palace, or another tea cup from….well….ANYWHERE on the Royal Mile in Scotland will be a challenge and a great show of restraint for me.

Even at the United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot Disney in Florida reached into my soul. I ended up gently packing a large rose-patterned English tea pot, tea cups and saucers and a large tin of Fortnum and Mason tea in my suit case.

Somehow #1, I don’t think I’ll have room in our suit cases and #2, even if I were to fit in that much in my suit case, the odds of it breaking on the flight home are pretty high. I know things can be mailed home back to the states, but I highly doubt Dave will go along with that added expense.

So…just how does one show restraint in the land where tea (and ALL that goes with it) is the norm and not the exception like it is here in the states? Bring a piece of not only REAL English or Scottish tea-ware actually FROM a place I’m physically in, will be too hard to pass up. How do I do it? HOW? LOL

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