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June Tea on The Deck

June Tea on the Deck

I know I’m a week late for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, but our weather was horrible last weekend and I had far more energy THIS weekend.

So, today I had my first outdoor tea of the season. The weather this weekend has been superb with light winds, warm temps and a beautiful blue sky. Even some of the mosquitoes and black flies took the weekend off.

I made up a small pot of my favorite Earl Grey loose tea from Bigelow Tea. I’ve said it before, but I find Bigelow’s version of this old standard to be the best.

There were still some blueberry scones left from earlier in the week, so I scooped those up along with some summertime issues of recent magazines, including Tea Time, Coastal Living, and Victoria, and set out for the deck.

I made a trip to Longfellow’s Greenhouses yesterday and, with the help of several gift cards, I made what would have been over a $100 purchase for a whopping $8! Then, with Dave’s help with moving containers and soil, I planted EVERYTHING. Needless to say, today would be my day of rest!

As the birds visited the bird baths, the turtles climbed onto downed trees to sun themselves, and butterflies fluttered around me, I enjoyed the sites, scents, and sounds of this lovely Sunday morning. I love gazing out at my garden while sipping a warm cup of tea or watching the small duck family crossing the stream to play around the rocks.

I’m looking forward to many more outdoor teas this summer.

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