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Wee Scottish Tea

After having a lovely day yesterday at the Maine Highland Games, I gathered up some items for a nice Scottish tea out on the deck this morning. It was a beautiful morning too! Click image below for more photos.

I selected the thistle teapot, cup & saucer that I bought at the highland games many years ago, one of the four large cranberry orange scones I bought at the games yesterday from To The Queen’s Taste vendor tent, some lemon curd, fresh strawberries, and Scottish Breakfast tea from Brodies of Scotland that I purchased yesterday.

I placed some plaid on the table, grabbed a linen napkin and the latest issue of Victoria Magazine which has a large feature on Scotland Splendor. Then I cut a few roses from the garden and some Globe thistles and place them in a Lenox vase.

A photo shoot requires some setup time, so I set it all up, poured my tea, snapped photos, then ENJOYED the fruits of those labors. Okay, so I didn’t do much laboring, but there was some “setup” required. LOL

I turned on the Celtic Radio station on Pandora on my iPad and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the stream, then discovered a tiny little toady was watching me from the pond.

The sun is already getting lower in the sky, which means the leaves will start falling soon. Nope…not going to think about what comes after that! Until then, I’ll enjoy my tea outside and continue to think about Scotland as long as I can.

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