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For All the Tea in China…or at Least Maine

This morning I Tweeted that I had the horrible choice of deciding which tea to have. Some may have thought I had a measly three kinds of tea or a few tea bags laying around from which to choose from: Au contraire mon frére!

I have several types, kinds, flavors and brands. Adding to the confusion was a new “shipment” of Twinings tea that was delivered yesterday. Oh, the choices! What does one do?

Only teas I actually enjoy live in my house. Those I know I don’t care for, are usually given to other tea friends or put up-for-grabs at work. So, perhaps that makes the decisions even more difficult when I actually LIKE all of the teas I have.

Loose tea? Yes, I have that. Tea bags? Yes, I have those too. I prefer loose tea, but when I just want a quick, but GOOD ‘cuppa, I’ll reach for a tea bag.

Lately, I have discovered a fondness for some of the richer, more bracing teas like Pu-erh, Formosa Oolong and Lapsang Souchong, which just happens to be the tea of choice this morning.

I enjoyed a wonderful pot of Lapsang at a local tea cafe called Selah Tea Cafe. They serve you with your own tea-press and a simple sand-through-the-hourglass timer at your table. My personal preferences are teas WITHOUT milk and sugar. I like strong, dark teas.

However, a chai, some lemon teas, even some white teas have been known to enjoy a spot in my tea cupboards. And I also keep a good peppermint tea on hand for those after dinner teas to settle your stomach.

This is just a sampling of the teas I have in-house.

Twinings Teas Capital Teas Upton Tea
Latest arrivals of a variety of Twinings Teas Two wonderful blends from Capital Teas Upton Tea has long been a favorite
Bigelow Teas Loose Earl Grey Brodies Tea
Bigelow Tea is also a favorite I think Bigelow’s Loose Earl Grey is the best in the world A tin of Brodies Scottish Breakfast tea as well

So, you can see why I had a tough decision to make!

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