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My Black Friday Shopping Tea

Forget long lines, rude people, and parking issues…my favorite way to shop on Black Friday is to stay in my jammies, enjoy the view, pull out a fabulous pot of tea with some yummies, and grab my iPad for some online deals.

Yes, I might miss some better deals if I had been in the mall at the crack of early, but I find it ridiculous to put yourself through that stress all for a 10% deal on a computer that will be out-of-date in 6-months. Granted, I do not have that many people to shop for this holiday season, but a great many of the stores have the same deals online and with free shipping. Save your gas and the hassle and stay home in the comfort of your own home.

It has been a very long, difficult year for me and anytime I can sit at home with a nice pot of tea and get away from the stress and wackiness of the world, I do it. Black Friday is my first REAL day off in months, so I’m making the best of it. I finally put my garden to bed for the winter and was able to be outside in some fresh, albeit chilly, air. It felt great! I really needed that.

Oh, and I picked up a couple of fantastic deals online this morning for a new cowl-neck poncho and a skirt just for me! I’ve put on weight, I’ve been depressed, overworked and stressed….I think I deserve a little comfort in the shape of fresh air, and a new outfit, right?

And tea, as usual, is always a brilliant, and comforting accompaniment to any activity – even shopping.

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