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Tea Souvenirs? Yes, Please!

Because our trip to the UK was cut short last year and we never even made it to Scotland and I only came back with a mug, I wanted to make sure I picked up some tea souvenirs in York, England and Scotland. I think I picked up nice representations of both spots with the selection below.

Tea and Mug from Bettys Tea Room England Mug Yorkshire Tea and Teapot

Of course I had to buy some Bettys Tea and their mug and I fell in love with this England mug which I bought in the gift shop at Clifford Tower. Then because we did really like York, I picked up the little Yorkshire teapot and some Yorkshire Tea.

I was hoping to find a nice Scottish teapot to bring home, but just didn’t get the best opportunity to look into some of the other shopping areas. There was one teapot I did like at a pottery place, but it was almost $125 and I wasn’t sure at that point if I could even get it home in one piece! So, I just opted for picking up some good Scottish tea and think I succeeded with the two tins below of Brodies Famous Edinburgh tea and a tin of Classic Scottish Tea both bought at Cranachan and Crowdie.

Then at eteaket, I picked up some loose Lapsang Souchong tea which is a really earthy, smokey tea, which I love. I think I’ll be able to have a nice tea with many of those items.

Scottish Teas eteaket Tea Tin and Tea Thistle Tea set

I do still have my thistle teapot, tea cup and saucer that I bought at The Maine Scottish Highland Games several years ago, but I’m not sure if they were actually made in Scotland or not. Oh, well…it’ll give me something to hunt for on our NEXT trip to Scotland, right?

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