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Is it Three Thirty? Is it Tea Time?

Empty tray prior to teaYes, and Yes! And it was also a perfect excuse to use the new tray I bought. No, I didn’t buy it while we were in York last month, but if I had seen one in a store I WOULD have! Love this tray with its lovely Union Jack flag.

Yesterday was the first day of Summer, the Summer Solstice…the longest day of the year. It was a beautiful, glorious, sunny summer day as well, but I wasn’t able to really enjoy it until I got home from work and grocery shopping. I did my best with dinner outside on the deck, then a drink with my hubby when he got home on the deck, and a small fire in the fire pit on the deck to bring in the darkness…and the bugs.

So, my plan was to have a nice tea outside on the deck today. Of course, no sun to speak of today, but it’s warm and quiet with no wind and I had fresh strawberries!

This new tray speaks for itself, so a simple setting was required with simple white plates and a white teapot. I also pulled out a lovely, simple teacup and saucer with a delicate blue pattern that matched the delightful, blue embroidery on the linen napkin.

I used a silver jam jar a friend bought me for Christmas to display three lovely peonies I cut from my garden and since I cannot seem to find any Pimms here in the states, I opted for a tall glass of Pinot Grigio from Smoking Loon, which was appropriate considering the loon video I posted from earlier today.

The tea of choice had to be Yorkshire Tea to go with the flag on the tray! The tea was a lovely choice for the carrot cake and market-fresh strawberries.

Then, for me, no tea would be complete without reading the latest issue of Tea Time Magazine. So I grabbed the May/June issue and devoured it as I devoured the juicy strawberries, delectable carrot cake, and the refreshing tea out on the deck.

First Summer Tea 2013 Carrot Cake and Strawberries Fresh floral colors in linen Floral pattern
Peony bouquet Fresh strawberries from Market View of stream behind View of garden behind
Tea with Tea Time Magazine Lovely floral design Beautiful against the tea Tea Time with Tea Time Magazine

With a view of the garden on one side and a view of the stream on the other, here’s hoping for many more delightful teas out on the deck this summer!

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