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Wimbledon Tea

Because I’m here in the states, my only connection to the Wimbledon Men’s Tennis Finals this morning is via television, my iPad and my love of all things British/Scottish. So, as we say here in the states, I had “Breakfast at Wimbledon” in my own fashion and settled in to cheer on Andy Murray.

Using my Scottish thistle tea pot, cup and saucer, I made a nice pot of Thompson’s Family Tea Scottish Blend. I grabbed my new Union Jack circular tray, gathered the beautiful bouquet of roses I cut yesterday and even had some strawberries and cream. I’m not proud of the strawberries and cream (I could have done much better!) but it was all I had and they WERE tasty, so well done me! Just wish I had had some Pimm’s to go with it all…even at this hour.

Sitting out on the back deck with a view of the stream and my garden I sat down to enjoy “Breakfast at Wimbledon” where I’m able to get LIVE coverage on my iPad thanks to ESPN. The match started at 9 a.m. here and is still going on as I speak. Yes, I’m also cheering “C’mon Andy!” as every person in the United Kingdom is no doubt doing. Andy is from Scotland and has the entire weight of the commonwealth on his quiet shoulders.

Breakfast at Wimbledon Watching tennis on iPad Quickly made strawberries and cream Roses from my garden
Sitting with garden view iPad in hand with tea Looking back at garden

Duncan, the little sheep we bought in Scotland in May is also here to give some extra Scottish support. So, C’mon Andy!

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