Tea, Tea Accessories

2014 Tea Time Calendar

teacupspoonbottomThis past Christmas was the first year in a long time I didn’t receive any large wall calendars. I MAY have said I didn’t need one, but in reality, I did need one. So, while recovering from my brain surgery, I realized I really missed having one hanging on the wall beside my computer in my home office. And rather than going out to see “what’s left” in a store well after the New Year, I made my own. What better subject (for me) to use then TEA!

teacalendarpicsI have taken some nice tea photos over the year, so I gathered up some of the tea shots and used them in my own tea calendar.  Thanks to iPhoto’s calendar feature, it was soooo easy! I tried to stick with photos that were taken around the time of each month, but that wasn’t so easy. One isn’t too great, but overall I’m very happy with it. And it’s nice to see my own photos in print!

I had sent some of my tea photos to tea friends I met on Twitter for their tea calendar, but after seeing their final product, I realized I am so NOT cool enough for their product and completely understood why none of my photos were selected. LOL I must have seemed like an old fuddy-duddy compared to what they’re used to. Oh, well…I have my own!

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