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Twitter and Tea

I haven’t ventured outside just yet on this chilly Saturday morning, but the tea is flowing. Today I have chosen a lovely blend of green and black tea from iHeartTeas called Royal-Tea. I LOVE this blend and the lavender buds and rose petals are such a soothing touch. Their bath products are lovely as well. In fact, I’m in need of more! I met the owner, Rachel Carter, on Twitter and enjoy supporting her endeavor to provide unique teas and products.

Saturday Morning Tea
Saturday Morning tea

Royal Tea -combo green & black
Royal Tea – green & black

With a lovely view
With a lovely view

I have also bought tea from another company I found on Twitter called Chateau Rouge Tea. They are located in London, England but recently made their teas available on Amazon.com in the U.S. So, I ordered several types to try. Two small samples of an Assam Gold and a tisane Rooibos. Then a larger pack of their Himalayan Oolong. I love the oolong and the assam was one I have quickly gone through.

I have purchased teas from other companies I’ve met domestically on Twitter as well like Capital Teas from the D.C. area and Tozy Tea in Michigan. If people respond to me on Twitter with tea-talk, I respond in kind.

Twitter has allowed me the opportunity to befriend many tea folk from around the world. The English and Scottish Twitter tea friends are wonderful to chat with and they are turning me on to new teas, tea rooms, and information all the time. It’s amazing how one, 140-character post can give one such a wealth of knowledge and “friendship”. And the photos of some of the afternoon teas they have attended are mouthwatering and produce great envy from me being from such rural location where no tearooms like those exist.

Yes, Twitter has me under its spell. I enjoy following reality stars, sports stars, tea people, and garden people, and some of them have even followed me back! Why? I have no idea, but I’m grateful. I’m not much into giving my political opinions on Twitter, but will certainly retweet one that sparks my interested and when a world-wide event breaks out, you’ll get the latest and and most-up-to-date info from everywhere. Granted it may not always be correct, but it certainly is riveting.

I’m also using Twitter to raise a little Brain Aneurysm Awareness. It is now a large part of my life being a 2-time brain aneurysm survivor and if one celebrity or sports start Re-Tweets a tweet I have posted to them about brain aneurysms, it can go to thousands and thousands of their followers. Where else can you get that kind of coverage for free?

This funny little world has brought me closer to people I admire and appreciate and talking tea with many of them is a great pleasure. I’m grateful they’re willing to share a little piece of their lives with so many. I really enjoy Twitterville and Tea. Thank you for sharing!

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