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Summer Cuppa

Food talks to me. Seriously. While strolling through the market this morning, I happened upon the bakery department. I heard my name whispered. I heard it again. I looked around, but no one was nearby. I then realized the spectacular lemon meringue pie beside me was telling me, yes, INSISTING I take it home with me.

Not one to be rude and ignore the insistent request, I quietly placed the wondrous, lemony delight in my shopping cart. Funny…I don’t always hear food talk to me, but when it does, it’s usually some kind of sweet pastry of some sort.

20140712-160527.jpgI then enjoyed a piece of said pie with some afternoon tea out on the deck. Today’s tea of choice was a loose Russian Caravan from Capital Teas. It’s a rich, smokey variety that really complimented the hearty layer of lemon and the extra-double, delicate layer of meringue on the pie.

This time of year I always try to take my tea outside to enjoy the view of the stream and my garden, as well as the entertaining antics of the hummingbirds right in front of me and other birds in the surrounding trees. My roses are blooming, even though they’ve been stricken with disease, and all of the daisies opened up in the last two days making for a lovely mass display of white in one section of the garden.

If you hear food talking to you, don’t deny it, just embrace it and go with the flow. You might never know what you’re missing.

20140712-160549.jpg 20140712-160557.jpg 20140712-160608.jpg
20140712-160641.jpg 20140712-160701.jpg 20140712-160711.jpg


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