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Happy New Year!

My first brew if 2015. I’m enjoying a pot of Darjeeling black tea. I have never been a fan of Darjeeling and I think it all stems from having had a cup of bad/old tea and I didn’t like it.

However, I received some tea from my friend who is a tea broker and I knew she wouldn’t give me old tea, so I tried it and I’m really enjoying it.

It’s Novus Darjeeling Tea from Bigelow Teas.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year to you! We could clink teacups to the new year as I just had a cup of Mandarin Spice that was thoroughly enjoyable on this cold winter day. Here’s to good health and much happiness and peace in 2015. xo’s


  2. I love a good Darjeeling, Heidi, but I’m out of it just now. Well stocked with Earl Grey loose tea, bought four big tins of it last week (I drink a *lot* of tea). But you’re right. Try a bad/stale version of something and it will make you think you don’t like it.


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