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A Brioche Tea

I finally tore open the small envelope of Brioche loose tea I bought from American Tea Room. Tearing open the packet produced an aroma that grabs you like a warm, comforting hug! The description on the packet says: “As aromatic as a French patisserie, this black tea with almonds, cinnamon, and safflower blossoms is a new classic“.

You will get no argument from me regarding the aroma that’s for sure. It’s as if I walked by a bakery that had just pulled fresh pastries out of the oven. I’m not a sweet tea lover, but I certainly love cinnamon in tea and that’s what drew me to this particular blend.

Since we have something planned pretty much every saturday in the month of September, I took advantage of a last Saturday at home and enjoyed a pot of this lovely tea on the deck enjoying the sights and sounds of the water, my garden, birdies and crickets.

I didn’t have any pastries to enjoy with this blend, but I will most certainly provide some with my next order of Brioche tea. The flavor is smooth and warming…if you can use those as descriptions for flavor. That’s what I tasted. The cinnamon is there in scent and flavor, but not overpowering and the almond lends a hearty seasonal companion. You can see the safflower blossoms throughout the black tea leaves and the combination of the three elements is truly a delicious blend. I infused for the recommended 4 minutes and at 200º water temp. The Brioche tea is also a USDA Certified Organic tea.

I can see myself enjoying a pot of this in September and October with a wee fire out on the deck and some wonderful apple bread, cinnamon donuts, or apple tartes. Brioche tea is definetely a new favorite with me.

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