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‘Tis the Season

Even though we have no snow on the ground at the moment and the temperatures are feeling more like spring than December, I’m enjoying the elements of the season that give me that warm & fuzzy feeling.
Tozy Tea Canisters Of course, that includes some kind of festive tea with the flavors and spices of the season. One of my recent favorites is Christmas Star tea from my Twitter tea friends in Michigan, Tozy Tea. Not only do they have great tasting teas,  they donate 10% of their profits to the education of needy children. They also package their product in recycled paper canisters as opposed to metal cans. Their tea sachets are made of 100% biodegradable corn-starch. They’re lovely people and I enjoy supporting them.

Christmas Star is a lovely cinnamon-spiced black tea. Each canister contains  15 tea sachets, but you can do multiple brews with one sachet and the flavor is still  wonderful so you can get about 30 cups of tea out of one canister.
Kitty and Christmas Tea
Today I’m enjoying this Christmas delight in my fluted, Pfaltzgraff holiday mug from my favorite Winterberry pattern. Lexie decided to join me while watching the birds out the window. Or perhaps she’s hoping for some snow for Christmas as well?

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