Comforts of Home

2 thoughts on “Comforts of Home”

  1. How very delightful this looks 🙂 I wish I was there with you enjoying a spot of tea with the gingerbread! I love how you described your house with Nana cooking in the kitchen. It took me right back to those days ❤ ❤ ❤ Now I must try making some!


  2. I can almost taste that unique flavor of gingerbread! You’re so right…it has to have the whipped cream. Have you ever tried it with warm applesauce?? I learned that one while I was a Girl Scout leader…we used to warm applesauce in a big pot over the fire and put scoops of gingerbread cake into it, cover it and let it bake. Bubbling hot and yummy!! Stay warm and cozy this winter. Love and hugs to you.


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