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For All the Tea in China…or at Least Maine

This morning I Tweeted that I had the horrible choice of deciding which tea to have. Some may have thought I had a measly three kinds of tea or a few tea bags laying around from which to choose from: Au contraire mon frére! I have several types, kinds, flavors and brands. Adding to the… Continue reading For All the Tea in China…or at Least Maine

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Working at Home Tea

Well, if I have to work on a Sunday at home, then I'll try to make it as enjoyable as I can with a lovely tea, some home made pumpkin muffins, a view, and an open window. All of which I can't get in the office. I grabbed a couple of muffins, which were the… Continue reading Working at Home Tea

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Labor Day Weekend Tea

I wanted to honor the last holiday weekend of summer with an outside tea. Luckily, the weather was MORE than cooperative for it today. A Pink Lemonade Cupcake recipe has been calling my name for some time, so I whipped those up this morning. VERY easy to make and VERY easy to eat! Basically it's… Continue reading Labor Day Weekend Tea

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Wee Scottish Tea

After having a lovely day yesterday at the Maine Highland Games, I gathered up some items for a nice Scottish tea out on the deck this morning. It was a beautiful morning too! Click image below for more photos. I selected the thistle teapot, cup & saucer that I bought at the highland games many… Continue reading Wee Scottish Tea

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A Touch of Scotland in Maine

It was bittersweet attending the Maine Scottish Highland Games this year for Dave and I. After years or planning, we were unable to go to the REAL Scotland earlier this year and it brought back those painful memories of why we couldn't make the trip. However, we made the best of the rainy morning and… Continue reading A Touch of Scotland in Maine