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A Touch of Pink

We FINALLY had a warm, sunny day on a weekend where I could enjoy tea outside on the deck. It has been a horribly cloudy, rain-filled month of May here in central Maine. I cut some wee pink wild flowers (some may call them weeds) from the yard and pulled out my favorite teapot and… Continue reading A Touch of Pink

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Summer Tea Time on the Dock

With the humidity finally breaking, I enjoyed a wonderfully, serene tea down on the dock. My (badly) hand-painted, black wooden tray served as the base for some Scottish breakfast tea in my Tain pottery teapot. Then I mixed it up (I’m such a rebel!) and used the vibrant orange plate that matches the little flower… Continue reading Summer Tea Time on the Dock

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Is it Three Thirty? Is it Tea Time?

Yes, and Yes! And it was also a perfect excuse to use the new tray I bought. No, I didn't buy it while we were in York last month, but if I had seen one in a store I WOULD have! Love this tray with its lovely Union Jack flag. Yesterday was the first day… Continue reading Is it Three Thirty? Is it Tea Time?