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An Early Summer Tea

I love weekend mornings when I don’t NEED to do anything or be anywhere and can enjoy the beautiful area we live in. That usually means tea out on the deck if the weather cooperates.

Well, this weekend has been a stellar example of perfect summer weather on both days and I took Sunday morning to take my tea outside. I usually sit out on the deck that runs parallel to the stream, but today decided to sit on the end deck so I could see birds in the bird bath. No such luck with the birds, but I certainly enjoyed the tea.

I poured myself my favorite Earl Grey loose tea from Bigelow Tea and used my Brown Betty teapot purchased from Bridgham & Cook last year. Some of my roses are starting to bloom, so I cut a single stem to adore my tray and use the lovely Old Country Rose, Peach Damask pattern of Royal Albert china.

Speaking of trays, I came to realize this is the only SMALL tray I own, which is the perfect size for just a teapot and one teacup. However, it’s hand-painted with a winter scene! Just not appropriate for a summer tea outside, now is it? My late mother bought me that tray, so I covet it and will not paint it over as it’s fine for winter use. I guess some tray shopping is in order this summer! 🙂

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