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  1. That is just awesome Aunt Heidi that you have your Great Grandmother’s set. Would that be Nana’s Mom’s? You really make me want to drink Tea! I am glad I did get to see your collection in that room when I was there. You have some beautiful peices ❤ I really like Green Tea. I have had Oolong and thought that was sooo Yummy. I have a mug that I can put loose tea in and I can drain it in a glass. I would Love to try more! Have you ever made your own Tea from things you have grown? ….Love you !


    1. The tea set is actually nana’s grandmother, Alvina Ethridge, who helped take care of mom after her mom, Mary, passed away. Aunt Connie was starting to give some of her possessions to people and family and she knew I would actually use it and wanted me to to have it. I was very honored and thrilled. I need to keep it polished, but I DO use it. The only bad part about it is that the handle get VERY hot, so I have to remember to use a tea towel to pour. I think of Aunt Connie every time I use it and the history in the set. Mom remembered seeing Alvina use it.


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