Sunday, Funday Tea

On our last day at Disney World in 2005 as I was wondering in and out of shops on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, I ran across a store that stole my heart. So, that is also where I plunked down a hefty amount of cash for items I did NOT need, but oh, did I love them.

One of the items was a Mickey Mouse Tea for One set. Cute doesn’t begin to describe it, so since this is my blog, I shall venture into greater detail. (See photos at end of blog post)

  • First there is the Mickey Mouse ears as the teapot lid. Iconic.
  • Next, instead of a regular saucer, it’s a fabulous white glove like Mickey wears.
  • The teacup and teapot include handles that also include part of Micky’e white gloves in the design. 
  • Then they’re both covered with the other iconic clothing and colors of Mickey Mouse’s attire.

As a functioning piece of teaware, it’s not the best. The teacup is VERY shallow, as is the teacup. The teapot makes even fitting a teabag inside a tad difficult due to the shallowness, but it still works.

The teapot DOES pour well though due to the curved spout and the handle on the teacup is nice, open and comfortable for sipping, but one must be careful not to tilt the cup due to being so shallow…spillage can occur. 

One of the other items I picked up was a six-pack of small tea tins with Disney characters on them. Each had a different type of teabag and I seem to recall the tea was actually quite good. They now sit on a wee shelf in the kitchen near my tea things as a reminder.

I love these items though. They’re fun and always remind me of the last time we visited Disney. We don’t have kids, but I certainly turned into one there.

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