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Pu-Erh and Peonies

Oh, how I DO love my summer Saturday morning tea on the deck. Even on gray days, as long as it's not pouring and the winds aren't whipping, I'm there. With early summer flowers starting to appear in the garden, some floral scent and color adds to the display. Our peonies are blooming. Although battered… Continue reading Pu-Erh and Peonies

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Smokey Pu-erh Tea

It's a very, very windy and brisk morning. The sun is out though, so that's always nice in February. I thought a nice smokey, Pu-erh tea was in order. I have a nice large, 125g pouch of Pu-erh China Premium leaf tea from Upton Tea Imports that I haven't used in a wee bit. Upon… Continue reading Smokey Pu-erh Tea

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Red, White, and Shades of Blue

Today is the 4th of July, so I thought I'd color patriotic and do a red, white, and blue tea. However, my blues aren't quite what you'd call the traditional blue, so YOU, my trusty reader, will just have to deal with it. 🙂 With fresh strawberries from the local farmer's market and fresh blueberries,… Continue reading Red, White, and Shades of Blue