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Tea and My Mom


My mother fell in the kitchen of her apartment the week before Thanksgiving. Luckily, her injuries were not life-threatening, but she did sustain a hairline fracture of her pelvis. She has been in some pain and is still in the rehabilitation area of the hospital back in NY.

Since she’s 85 years young, any fall at that age can be difficult to overcome.Mom’s an avid walker and in relatively good health, other than suffering from Crohn’s disease. She has learned to control her food and diet and we’re very proud of her for that because its been challenging over the years.

Its been difficult being so far away from her during this time, but she’s in very good hands at the hospital and my sisters and niece have been visiting and making sure she gets everything she needs. I’ve called her every day, but have been thinking about her a lot and remembering all of the influences she has had in my life.

Tea is one of those influences, although it wasn’t a deliberate act on her part. She always drank very dark tea after dinner and I remember sitting in our den on cold winter evenings watching Jeopardy (or something) on television. We had a set of the insulated mugs that would keep the tea warm for quite some time. They were very similar to these. Vintage 60’s!

We’d have family get togethers and I’d continue to sneak a sip out of my mother’s mugs knowing that it was always tea and feeling like such a grown up.There was only ONE time I snuck a sip of what I thought was going to be tea, and it was actually beer! I do not think it was my mom’s mug, but I’m not sure. It was the initial shock of discover it was NOT tea and tasting like something completely different and horrible that may have turned me off completely to beer later in life. I only enjoy dark ales now, such as Guinness. LOL

So, thank you Mom for enlightening me to the joys of a good cup of tea! It was only later in life that I discovered the production of tea and how to create the perfect cuppa and the perfect pot of delicious, tea. Perhaps that’s why it always feel like such a comfort…it’s more like a cup of Mom!

I love you Mom. We’ll see you at Christmas!

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