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Highland Tea

As has become my annual tradition after attending each Maine Highland Games, I buy some scones and tea at the games and enjoy them thoroughly the next day at home with my Tain Pottery with the Glenaldie thistle pattern. I showed GREAT restraint at the one vendor that always shows up with the mother lode of Tain pottery from Scotland. I did gaze longingly at it all, but came away with no purchases. I’m happy with my wee collection.

I DID replenish some of my favorite teas though and picked up two chocolate orange scones. The scones were lovely with large chunks of milk chocolate and fresh pieces of orange throughout. It was a subtle orange.

I picked some fresh heliopsis from my garden that was still blooming and snipped off the only three blooms of the one globe thistle plant we have. It’s not the traditional Scottish thistle, but I had plenty of those in the Tain pottery vase, teacup and saucer, teapot, and small plate I used for the large scone.

The little seashell bud vase I put the thistles in is part of a Margaret Furlong collection I have. I thought it looked lovely against all the blue of the pottery.

I enjoyed some Scottish Breakfast Tea from Taylor’s of Harrogate and some orange marmalade for the scones.

I am hoping to enjoy some REAL Scottish scones and tea IN Scotland next spring. That’s the plan anyway. 🙂

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1 thought on “Highland Tea”

  1. Beautifully photographed, Heidi. Congrats on the restraint at the Tain pottery booth. Lots of pretties there for sure. The scone looks delish…I can almost smell the orange! Scotland in the Spring sounds lovely. Love and hugs to you.


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