Comforting, Tea, Tea Accessories

Fall Flower and Tea

When your co-worker, who just happens to be the flower manager, gives you a beautiful teacup and some tea, well…one must have tea with some flowers! This is THE first year these Phlox have actually flowered in my garden. I have discover I really don’t care for their scent, but they are lush and pretty. The teacup is lovely & thoughtful and the sweet orange tea is VERY sweet. I forget how reflective my Brown Betty teapot can be and had to delete many of my photos due to the reflection of the woman in the large white t-shirt showing up in each shot. #maine #tea #lifeonthestream #teapot #brownbetty #teacup #giftsfromfriends #flowers #flowerbouquet #vase #tainpottery

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