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Johnny Cake, Tea and a Blizzard

Johnny CakeSeeing how we’re snowed in due to the big snow storm of 2013, it was a perfect time to bake some good old fashioned comfort food.

One of the comfort foods from my family is Johnny Cake. Johnny cake was originally called “Journey Cake” by early settlers and Native Americans because it traveled well. They used maple syrup to sweeten it. In New England they didn’t say “R” in the middle of the words so it became “Johnny Cake”. That story and recipe were handed down by Alvina Ethridge, my great grandmother. It’s an easy recipe, but not one that can be whipped up at the last minute. Still worth the time and effort though. The biggest decision you’ll have to make is how to eat it once it’s baked. We’ve had it two ways: One way is to slice it and have it warm with butter. The other way is to cut a piece, still warm, and pour milk over it and eat it that way. I’m ashamed to say I enjoyed it BOTH ways! LOL

So, after it baked, I had some in milk and it was an instant memory of comfort with my family growing up. The outside pieces are the best because they’re a little crusty. It is NOT healthy, it is NOT low-fat, or low-calorie, but boy, is it good. I then cut a piece to enjoy with some tea. I grabbed my winter white (or blizzard white) tea set and some fresh strawberries to sweeten the cake. With some wonderful Chai tea from Twinings Tea, it was a lovely respite from the cold, frosty winds that howled outside my window. I also fear there will be more cake and tea in my future today! Nothing else to do, so why not?

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