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Eteaket: Rekindling Britain’s Love Affair with Proper Leaf Tea

I first discovered the eteaket website while doing a web search for tea rooms in Scotland possibly two or three years ago. It looked like a fascinating store, a lovely tea room, and some wonderful teas and treats to select from. I visited their website regularly, and followed their Twitter account, and looked forward to the day I’d finally be able to visit them once we got to Scotland.

After many delays to make it to Scotland, Dave and I finally stopped in on May 11th for a little afternoon tea. It was later in the afternoon, but it still turned into a lovely visit.

Compared to Bettys in York, this tea room has a more young, and modern feel, but not too Bohemian – which can turn me off. There are brightly colored tins of their tea lined up on shelves like army units perfectly spaced and standing at attention. It’s clean, comfortable and kind.

Now, there is no shortage of goodies to be had as well. Since we arrived later in the day, the kitchen was closed, so we opted for cakes and sweet treats. I ordered up a piece of their lemon drizzle cake and Dave ordered a scone with jam and clotted cream. It was the first time he has ever had a scone with clotted cream…he was in heaven! The lemon cake was simply luscious as well. Dave had coffee, but I ordered a pot of pu-erh, which was perfect for such a chilly, windy day. Instant comfort food and drink. I wish I could have settled in and tried all of their teas.

The staff was warm and friendly and service was relatively quick. It’s a small place and it was very busy when we arrived, but that added to its coziness in my book. I was also pleased to see their teas being used in other restaurants, mainly the Edinburgh Larder Cafe near the Royal Mile. We had breakfast there a few times and it was nice to have their tea in the morning.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, cozy and kind place to enjoy a great cuppa, from people who truly enjoy bringing their tea knowledge to the public, then stop by and share the wealth.

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