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Sunday Morning Oolong

This past Sunday was another stunning, late summer morning and I enjoyed some special oolong out on the side deck with the goldfinches and hummingbirds.

Tea time out on the deck

The tea is from eteaket in Edinburgh, Scotland. We visited eteaket when we made our first of two trips to Scotland in 2013 . I reviewed my visit there on my blog. I have purchased some tea from their website on occasion. It’s pricy to have it shipped overseas, but when I want something special that I know will make me happy, I splurge a wee bit.

I picked up this tin of Orange Oolong Supreme several months ago and had it hidden behind another tin. I was thrilled to discover it again and it was the perfect cuppa.

My favorite sentimental teapot, cup & saucer provided a lovely pour and complimented the subtle shades of pinks in my small bouquet of hydrangeas and phlox.

Hydrangeas in transition from summer white to fall pink and pink phlox

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