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London is Calling, but There’s NO TEA!

britishteapotI had a VERY vivid dream last night that Dave and I moved to London. The country. Across the big pond as they say. Dave and I spent 5 days in London in 2012 and I was really surprised at how much I loved the city, but moving there was something I had never considered. Especially after visiting Scotland this past May and feeling a much stronger pull to that area of the world.

The house in London in my dream was a charming little light-blue house with thick, white trim. It sat on a corner lot right in the middle of the city. There was a small middle-school across the street and the house was very narrow, tall and long.

Apparently Dave went right to work as soon as we flew there because there was no furniture in the house, but I had the day to explore it by myself. There was a long, narrow hallway at its entrance that lead to a large open room. One half of the room was a sitting alcove with many windows and the other side had a lovely fire place. The room was nicely finished and move-in ready – just no furniture. The kitchen was another story!

Once you were able to actually FIND the kitchen, it was a large, large room. However, it was “OWNED” by a cranky old woman who ran it as a breakfast/brunch room where she served breakfasts and early lunch to the general public, but no dinners and apparently we weren’t allowed to use it. Even though we owned the building. We DID have a very tiny area of the kitchen for our own use, but it was just odd. LOL I looked forward to having someone else cook a nice big breakfast, but apparently, we’d have to pay for it.

The highlight of my first day in London was that I had won a contest to spend a day with Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. It basically turned out to be a day of me tagging along on her shopping trip, but it was fun and I’m sure she was bored out of her mind to spend her day with an older American.

Kate drove us and pointed out her sister’s beautiful house with envy. All the time I’m thinking…umm…Kate YOU live in a palace or two. Suck it up! LOL

So after watching her buy trendy clothing all day, she dropped me off at my new little cozy house in London just as the kids in the school were letting out. That was chaos, but fun. I don’t think there’s anything cuter than little children with British accents. Kind of why I lost interested in the Harry Potter movies after they started to grow up.

Back to the house…..I called my mom after Kate dropped me off to tell her about my day, then as I was looking around the house and the smallish rooms, I wondered where our 52″ big-screen television was going to go? Hmmm. I don’t even know WHERE our furniture is. Is it en route? Is it in a moving van around the corner? Where are our cats? I mentioned them to Kate, but did not see them in my dream in the house at all.

I could tell there was a fabulous view out the back of the house and soon discovered there was a lovely screened-in porch/deck off the back of the house. AND it was looking directly over the Thames River with a brilliant view of the city. Sweet!

I’m not sure how we were affording such a lovely little slice of London, but it was a real gem….except for the loo! Or the bathroom. It was painted a pretty ugly milky, dark turquois blue with white trim. It DID have one item of excellence, in that it had a beautiful claw foot tub that someone had shamelessly painted the same color of blue as the entire room. Ugh!!

I’m sure there isn’t a home like this that even exists in London, much less one that we could afford, but the dream was so, so vivid I actually had to draw it out for Dave when I woke up before I forgot the dream.

The largest oddity in the dream was that I was in London, England, I spent the day with royalty, I’m sitting along side the Thames, and I’m sitting in my own house…..and I never had ONE cup of tea throughout the entire dream!! What????? Now, I could understand in my own house because the kitchen wasn’t actually ours, but out with royalty and not having a cuppa somewhere? Come on! It should be Tea Time With Heidi every hour.

So, as soon as I got up this morning, I made sure I had a large cup of Yorkshire Tea that I bought in May IN England while we were in York. Ahh….much better getting back to reality! Although that clawfoot tub would be nice.

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