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What the Doctor Ordered

While I am recovering from brain surgery on my un-ruptured brain aneurysm, tea gives me something to look forward to on a daily basis. I know it’s a habit that won’t harm me and one that will encourage and enlighten me during this process. Tea is comfort food to me.

So, after pretty much exhausting myself yesterday making some mini scones from a King Arthur Flour Scone Mix and my fav mini scones pan, I “did it up” a bit more today and enjoyed the scones with homemade cinnamon-crabapple jelly that was made by my friend Deb and given to me at Christmas. It’s my favorite jelly that she makes.

I used the Tain Pottery set from Scotland that I love and enjoyed an earthy Lapsang Souchong tea that I bought in Edinburgh at the fun eteaket tea room. It appears they have changed their packaging. I guess I better go back for another visit!


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