Comforting, Scones, Tea

Easter Tea


With brilliant pastel shades as my theme, I enjoyed sweet treats and some Russian Caravan tea served in a delightfully floral teacup. Blueberry scones, made from a mix from Stonewall Kitchen here in Maine and some lovely mini lemon tarts. Easter wouldn’t be complete without a shout-out to my past with some spicy jelly beans. And how cute is that store-bought bunny rabbit atop a sprinkled cupcake? There is even a colored egg.

Our Easter sunday will be quiet as usual, but with my favorite ham recipe cooked throughout the day in the crock pot. Enjoy the holiday. Love & peace.


1 thought on “Easter Tea”

  1. Heidi, I LOVE the backdrop for the photo shoot, looks so professional! The yums look really good, but I’m a fruit jellybean girl, will actually spit out a spice bean if it gets in my mouth…ack…anyhoo, love the pics!


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