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Tea and Tennis

For a change of scenery, I decided my morning tea warranted a visit to the side deck. I’m blessed to have two lovely decks to enjoy. One is in the shade all day, the other gets serious mid-day and afternoon sun.

This side deck faces the old, weed-filled garden in the distance, a section of the stream, and my container plants. On a warm summer morning it’s another beautiful spot to enjoy some tea and to watch a little Wimbledon on the iPad outside!

A wee lighthouse, daisies, and a distant garden
A wee lighthouse, daisies, and a distant garden

I grabbed my round Union Jack British flag tray, some Fortnum & Mason tea, and my Brown Betty teapot in an ode to the old country.

A lighthouse and lavender
A lighthouse and lavender

The daisies are still blooming profusely in the garden and the yellow heliopsis are also JUST starting to bloom, so I cut a few short ones to add some more golden yellow to the bunch of daisies.

Daisies and Heliopsis
Daisies and Heliopsis

Little did I know that as I settled in to watch the women’s final, it would last less than an hour! I had hoped for a bigger, longer contest, but the more powerful player won.

Teacup and Tennis
Teacup and Tennis

This side deck is also home to my larger container plants. I have overwintered two hydrangeas that are JUST starting to finally sprout buds and some hosta. This summer I purchased two lavender plants that are doing great and three new roses which are starting to bud as well. In a few weeks, I hope to have a lot more color on this deck and I cannot wait to enjoy a lovely tea there again.

Happy summer!

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