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Fortnum Favorite

Sometime’s a tea can evoke a feeling or memory and the Fortmason blend tea from Fortnum & Mason does that for me.

My first exposure to Fortnum & Mason was in 2002. My then boyfriend and I were on our first trip to Disney World in Florida. Upon visiting Epcot, the UK exhibit called my name in so many ways.

Not only was the Rose & Crown Pub an almost familiar spot for us to enjoy a pint and some pub food, but there was The Tea Caddy shop where I spent WAY too much money on loose tea and teapots.

I knew nothing about Fortnum & Mason at that time but have certainly learned about it since. It is THE destination in London for anyone in search of extraordinary food, exceptional service and joy-giving things. Whilst browsing the fabulous items at The Tea Caddy shop, I simply thought the description of this wee tin of loose tea sounded lovely. And it IS!

The tea is a blend of Indian and China teas that is then perfumed with the delicate aroma of orange blossom to produce a subtle, floral flavor. At that time in my life, I had never tasted such a delightful tea and I believe it was THIS tea that opened my eyes to loose tea and encouraged me to investigate other teas from around the world.

In the early 2000’s I was able to easily purchase this tea within the United States, then for a long, long time it was only available from the UK, which can get expensive so I truly haven’t had any Fortmason in years.

This past weekend I did a random search for it on the internet and found some on Amazon although only in teabag form. I received the tea within two days of my order and was very excited to see that instantly recognizable turquoise box.

With some freshly cut roses from my garden and a couple of wee shortbread cookies, I enjoyed this memorable blend in my Central London teacup and saucer set from House of Cally.

If we ever DO make it back to Londonwe’ve been there twice, but have never ventured into the elegant store I hope I can step foot onto the hallowed grounds at 181 Piccadilly. I’ve always longed to enjoy one of their extravagant hampers (we call them baskets here in the states) whilst sitting in a park along the Thames. Or….well, anywhere, really.

The tea tasted as good as I remembered and those memories of my first purchase at Epcot came flooding back. Now that I know I can buy Fortmason tea here in the states again, I need to keep a steady supply on hand.

I am SO glad to have found it again.

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