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Yorkshire Tea Time

In 2013 my husband and I spent 3 days in the beautiful and historic city of York, England before heading north to Scotland. When planning our trip to Scotland, we wanted to get a brief taste of another part of England away from London, which we visited the previous year for a week. While doing… Continue reading Yorkshire Tea Time

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Tea Souvenirs? Yes, Please!

Because our trip to the UK was cut short last year and we never even made it to Scotland and I only came back with a mug, I wanted to make sure I picked up some tea souvenirs in York, England and Scotland. I think I picked up nice representations of both spots with the… Continue reading Tea Souvenirs? Yes, Please!

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When in York, One MUST Visit Bettys!

After recommendations by two tea people and a gentlemen on a train in London, I knew I had to visit Bettys during our recent trip to York, England. Who am I to argue with such respected counsel? Betty's We have been planning this trip to York for several years after a few delays, and we… Continue reading When in York, One MUST Visit Bettys!