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Shortbread and Scones

Yesterday we attended the 36th Annual Maine Highland Games. The event has changed locations, vendors, and entertainment offerings over the years, but the main attraction is always the Scottish element and being Scottish. Scottish food, dancing, music, and athletics make for a fun-filled day even if you’re not Scottish. I posted a few photos from the day on Flickr. CLICK HERE to view the photos.

Unfortunately, for me, I was a little short on funds this year and had to keep myself in check with the vendor tents. My first purchase was from a new vendor booth (at least I didn’t remember seeing her before) from Lorelei’s Loaves & Treats. I saw the word “scones” on her sign and had to stop. I picked up a few treats for consumption later on. She was selling shortbread, fudge, scones and homemade breads. Althoough the cheddar bread smelled amazing, I opted for some shorrbread and scones.

Then I went to another tent looking through their offerings of Heathergems jewelry that is made in Scotland. Dave and I had the opportunity to visit the visitor center and factory shop in Scotland last year, so I’m particularly drawn to this jewelery because I KNOW it’s made in Scotland and they use heather from the mountains to make the stones so it truly IS a piece of Scotland. One particular pendent called my name (it did…truly!) and I splurged for it.

I showed GREAT restraint where my tea was concerned. I have enough tea at home that I didn’t need to resupply here and I certainly showed amazing restraint at the one vendor that sells the beautiful Tain Pottery I have started collecting. Next year…next year!

Our first food sampling was of the tasty Forfar Bridies. The smells that great one first thing in the morning here are amazing and the bridies (or birdies, as Dave calls them) are a big part of that. They really hit the spot.

Our last meal of the day was an odd, but tasty one. There was no sausauge vendor there this year. There were sausage rolls being sold, but not what I was looking for. So Dave and I decided to try The Maineah burger from the Mainely Burgers food truck. Wise choice! It was fantastic, especially with the hand-cut fries.

Now, back to shortbread and scones! I showed some restraint last evening and didn’t eat the shortbread and scones for dinner, and had a nice little tea this afternoon. I bought two different kinds of shortbread. There was a lovely lavender shortbread with a light glaze on it and them a decadent chocolate peppermint shortbread. BOTH were fantatic. Chewy and not too heavy. Perfect with tea.

I bought two Cranberry Walnut Scones and they too, were really, really wonderful. Not too heavy with juicy cranberries. I see on they do offer some goodies for order on their website, which I just may have to do because I don’t exaclty live that close to Mechanic Falls, Maine. And if they attend the games next year, I WILL stop there first. Only next time I’ll buy some of that savory, smelling cheddar bread.

Shortbread and Scones Cheese and Crackers Chocolate Peppermint Shortbread
Shortbread and Scones Cheese, crackers and grapes Chocolate Peppermint shortbread
Cranberry Walnut Scones Phlox and Globe Thistles Scottish Breakfast Tea
Cranberry Walnut Scones Phlox and Globe Thistle flower bouquet With Scottish Breakfast Tea

1 thought on “Shortbread and Scones”

  1. Looks like a beautiful day for the Highland Games. I used to enjoy going to them in Estes Park, CO each Sept. The scones/shortbread look mouth-wateringly good!! Enjoy! xo’s


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