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A Thoughtful Tea

My cousin Rae had lunch at the White Oak Tea Tavern near her home in Virginia and thought of me. She graciously bought and mailed me a tin of their lovely tea along with a heartfelt note written on a tea-themed card. Does she know me, or what?

If I ever get to Virginia again, this looks like a wonderful place to visit! I love the “pub” feel and their menu and wide selection of teas looks wonderful. Cozy and comforting comes to mind when I look at the photos on their website.

Now, for the tea! Rae sent me a tin of their premium black tea flavored with peach and ginger. I’m not much of a fruity-flavored tea lover, but the description indicated the peach was “mellow” and there is a “soft spice of ginger root.”

The tea leaves themselves create a rich presentation upon opening the tin. The label indicates it makes a great iced tea, but since it was so chilly this evening I opted for hot tea. Their packaging on the tins is charming as well.

While steeping, the leaves came alive and they produced a lovely, caramel-colored brew that was delightful with subtle hints of peach, not overly fruity. I can see how this would make a wonderful iced tea.

I’m touched my cousin thinks of me and sends me little goodies. She’s a very caring and thoughtful person. We should all be so selfless.

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2 thoughts on “A Thoughtful Tea”

  1. I do hope you will visit VA again. I would love to share the White Oak Tea Tavern experience with you. Their menu items are delicious and very filling. Of course, the teas are wonderful. (I try a different one every time I go there!) Your description of the place was spot on.


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