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Tea & Cupcakes

Just because Christmas is over, it doesn’t mean the winterberries need to disappear. I picked up these three pieces on an after-Christmas sale from Pfaltzgraff and will still use them as long as we keep getting snow storms this season — which could be another two or three months. I have a small collection of their Winterberry pattern and couldn’t pass up the great deal.

Today’s storm also brought out my sweet tooth again. I picked up this beautiful cupcake at the supermarket yesterday and knew it would taste perfect with my freshly gifted Lapsang Souchong tea from Scotland’s own eteaket Tearoom. I’m happy to report the smokey taste and aroma of this loose-leaf tea went fabulously with the creamy chocolate of the cupcake.

So, as I stay inside away from the nasty elements outside, I am warm, toasty and FULL.

I like how you can see the reflection of the tree branches in the tea.

1 thought on “Tea & Cupcakes”

  1. I know what you mean, I love my Winterberry collection and I use it until Spring. Cupcake looks yummy too! Bundle up and be safe up there. xo’s


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