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Smokey Pu-erh Tea

It’s a very, very windy and brisk morning. The sun is out though, so that’s always nice in February. I thought a nice smokey, Pu-erh tea was in order.

I have a nice large, 125g pouch of Pu-erh China Premium leaf tea from Upton Tea Imports that I haven’t used in a wee bit.

Upon heating the water and letting it brew, I set up my teapot and cup on the window ledge facing the stream and fighting off the breeze. Of course, while waiting, our OTHER Smokey element of the day crept in. Smokey, our 16-year old American short-hair kitty cat snuck in to investigate.

I hadn’t even poured the tea before he made sure the teapot was in working order and all was well. He is very photogenic as well and he happily settlted down in the sun to pose for a few pics. He’s a sweet boy.


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