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When life (or a good friend) gives you a King Arthur Flour gift card, you order holiday scone mixes, right! For the three weekends leading up to Christmas, I will be baking one scone mix per weekend. Last weekend, my first foray into the holiday scone extravaganza was the Spice Eggnog Scone Mix.

King Arthur mixes not only make scone creation easy, but so, so tasty! Just the right amount of everything. After having just baked several dozen Christmas cookies, I whipped out the big mixing bowl and mixed up the scones and immediately baked. I DID create a wee glaze for them, but due to not having any whole milk or heavy cream, the consistency melted into the scones and it’s hardly visible on these photos.

When I ordered the three scones mixes, I also ordered some Clotted Cream. Then I found an unopened gift of homemade jam that I had also received from said friend who had gifted me the gift card. It was a cinnamon jam…my favorite!

A pot of my new favorite Ginger Snap tea from Tea Forté made the perfect complement for these scrumptious scones. The delicate balance of holiday spices in the scones and the moist texture of the dough created a cake-like bite. With the clotted cream, cinnamon jam, ginger tea, and my favorite Winterberry pattern teaware, it was the perfect spiced holiday tea.

If you’re in the UK and reading this, don’t judge me on the cream first regime. I know some parts of the UK insist on jam first. So, I had a 50/50 shot at enduring the wrath of one half of your population. I apologize…no offense was meant. But at least I procured authentic British clotted cream, right? Credit, where credit is due.

King Arthur, you have a winner with this mix in our house. My husband said it was the “best thing you’ve ever baked!”. Well done, you!

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