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An Old Favorite – or Comfort Tea

Everyone is looking for comfort at this chaotic and scary time during the Covid-19 pandemic. This can take many forms: food, drink, clothing, books, nature, and even television and movies. I believe I have used all those and even more during the last several weeks.

My comfort TEA of choice is a British tea I discovered at Walt Disney World in 2002. I had only just started delving into loose leaf teas and upon wandering into The Tea Caddy store at EPCOT, I pick up a small tin of Fortmason Tea from the world-renowned, and historic Fornum & Mason in London. Well, I picked up more than the tea…a teacup & saucer and a new teapot which surprisingly, all survived the flight home lovingly wrapped up in my suitcase.

This particular blend of Indian and China tea, is scented with orange blossom to produce a subtle, floral flavor that is also very rich. I ADORED this tea and wish I had picked up more than just the one, wee tin. Luckily, at that time, it was available in the United States. Since then, it has not been as easily available here. So, it’s a very special treat for me.

After ogling another tea on their website recently (review upcoming), I also purchased a larger tin of Fortmason. Yes, I purchased tea from London. Yes, it was expensive to AirMail it. Yes, it was SO worth it.

When I opened the lid of the beautiful shiny, easily-recognizable light turquoise tin, the scent of the loose leaves took me right back to that wonderful time we enjoyed our first trip to Disney and especially the United Kingdom area of Epcot. That’s comfort in my book.

However YOU choose to find comfort during this time, I hope it brings you peace and alleviates stress and pain even for a brief time.

Love & peace to you all.

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