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A Rose by Any Other Name

After adding a perennial favorite tea to my online shopping cart at world-famous Fortnum & Mason in London, I soon discovered a new tea I was dying to try. Rose Pouchong tea combines two of my favorite things: tea and roses.

By interleaving rose petals with black tea as it dries, there is a lovely floral scent and taste that pair perfectly with the strong tea. It’s not overwhelming, but a delicate and pleasant scent that is nicely balanced. You can even see some of the small rose petals among the tea leaves.

A rose china pattern would then seem appropriate to use with a rose tea. So, I chose my favorite Summertime Rose pattern from the Allyn Nelson fine bone china collection made in England. The perfect delicate colors matching the scent of the tea.

I had also planned ahead for a little treat to enjoy with the tea and ordered a ten-pack of my new favorite place to buy macarons, La Petite Délicat in Kentucky. The arrived just in time and again, did not disappoint. Their colors also matched the delicate pastels shades in the tea ware. Some pale pink tulips completed the photo shoot.

Today is Easter Sunday. Due to the pandemic, most families are sheltered in place and creating new memories under difficult circumstances while keeping their distance from other loved ones to avoid a spread of the virus. Dave and I are no exception. Today we spend the day at home, as usual, but we’re reminded of the beauty in life and give thanks for all we have. Love & peace.

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