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Teapot Cookies

I was cleaning out my tea area in the pantry and kept moving this wee silver tin around to get it out of the way. Then I suddenly remember what its content was: The teapot cookie cutters my niece bought me for Christmas! There is no label on the tin, so I completely forgot what it was.

So I just HAD to find a good sugar cookie recipe and try them out! The sugar cookie recipe I found was terrific, but my decorating is not. With my shaky hand and lack of icing expertise, I opted for a decorative, silicon stamp and I think they came out quite pretty. Simple, and easy to do.

There are three sizes of cutters, but I had difficulty getting into the smaller crevices of the cutter so I didn’t use that one too often. I love how pretty these are and cannot believe I haven’t purchased my own teapot cookie cutters before. I was THRILLED to receive this lovely, and thoughtful gift.

Now I will remember what’s in the darn tin!

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