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A New Addition

How many people actually find what they’re looking for when entering an antiques store? I never do, but I went into Antiques at 10 Mechanic in Camden with a short list: a cake stand, dessert tongs, and tulip vases. I didn’t find any dessert tongs, only one cake stand that I wasn’t crazy about, and no tulip vases. However, I DID find a vintage Cornishware teacup and saucer that I immediately grabbed.

This is my second trip to this particular establishment and it’s the second time I’ve come away with a prized teacup and saucer. Last year it was a slightly used Burleigh teacup and saucer in the blue calico pattern. The only piece I have in my “collection”, but it’s the start.

This time, the famous blue and white striped Cornishware pattern quickly caught my eye amongst the hundreds of “vintage” linens, plates, books, tools, and housewares, and I knew immediately what it was. And only $14.00!

I was thrilled to find this set because it’s really all I wanted to add to my small collection. Just one teacup and saucer, or perhaps even two. But you cannot buy just one teacup and saucer on the the Cornishware website. You have to buy a set of four and our cupboards, nor my tea shelves could accommodate four and I don’t know four people who would join me for tea anyway.

My wee collection

The teacup and saucer are in fine shape. Yes, some cracking on the glaze, but no chips, cracks or major imperfections from what I can tell. I did some research online, and the green shield backstamp on the pottery indicates these were produced between the 1920s-1960s. You can also feel a more delicate nature of the quality of the pottery. It’s much thinner than current pieces, which are now produced to withstand modern dishwashers and microwaves.

T. G. Green Cornishware Kitchen Ware shield mark in green, in use from the late 1920s to c1967.

I’m thrilled with this little vintage find! Welcome to the family.

PS: After I posted this on Instagram, I learned this is a Windsor shape!

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