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Old and New for Tea


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Yes, that’s what a bride uses on her wedding day, but I realized I incorporated all of those elements today with a small tea out on the deck.

The Something Old: The teacup and saucer I used is one of a set of four I was given by my good friends back in NY before I moved to Maine. I always think of them and the day they gave them to me whenever I use them. Unfortunately, after a sad accident in my house a few years ago, two of the set were destroyed. So, I covet the two surviving pairs even more.

The Something New: I tried Russian Caravan tea for the first time. I purchased a small amount from Capital Teas in Maryland. I knew the moment I opened the pouch I would enjoy this earthy blend. Rich, smokey and smooth. Loved it and will no doubt end up buying more as a result.

The Something Borrowed: I am borrowing some words written by Eileen Holland in the July/August issue of Tea Time Magazine, which I read while having my tea. Eillen writes about the nostalgia of teacups: ‘…each of them memory laden’ and ‘Nostalgia matters—the simplicity and romance of tradition that is becoming lost because of lives lived at too fast a pace.’

The Something Blue: I technically didn’t arrange for this, but the color of the sky was an amazing, brilliant blue today. A breathtaking backdrop for kayaking and taking a relaxing tea out on the deck.

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