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Tea Bread and Pu-erh

It’s blueberry season in Maine, so I picked up a pint of fresh, wild Maine blueberries and baked up three mini-loaves of Blueberry Tea Bread. I found this recipe in Tea Time Magazine and the several times I’ve made it they have always turned out great.

Although I can’t seem to prevent my blueberries from dropping to the bottom of the pans, even when I coat them with flour prior to mixing, this bread is a light, tasty treat and perfectly suited for almost any kind of tea.

My tea of choice today was my favorite loose Pu-erh from Upton Tea Imports. Earthy, bold, and rich.

With August upon us, and since we didn’t make it to Scotland this year, my mind is starting to focus on our annual Maine Scottish Highland Games the 3rd Saturday of August. The beautiful thistle teapot and cup & saucer I used today were purchased at one of the first games I went to. I will no doubt stock up on a few more Scottish items at this year’s games to help ease the pain of not making it to the REAL Scotland.

A nice, simple Sunday morning tea on a cloudy, sprinkly day. I know, I know…sprinkly isn’t a word, but it’s very fitting for our weather today.

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