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Yorkshire Tea Time

In 2013 my husband and I spent 3 days in the beautiful and historic city of York, England before heading north to Scotland. When planning our trip to Scotland, we wanted to get a brief taste of another part of England away from London, which we visited the previous year for a week. While doing research, we quickly fell in love with York and wanted to visit. I’m so glad we did!

Set along the River Ouse, York is not only beautiful but the historic significance of the area is one of the main aspects that attracted us.

Another attraction for ME to this area was Betty’s Tearoom and Yorkshire Tea. Both are staples in the area and should not be missed if you’re a tea lover…as I am! My husband graciously went to Betty’s with me and quietly sat by allowing me to indulge in the joy that is tea and he endured a few trips through tea-filled aisles in shops.

Yorkshire Tea is famous world-wide.  It’s a family business founded in 1886 in Harrogate, Yorkshire. I’m a huge lover of strong, black tea, and Yorkshire Tea is one of the best. While visiting one of York visitor’s centers, I picked up a large package of loose Yorkshire Tea and this wee Yorkshire Tea teapot. Granted, I would have preferred the larger teapot, but we had a two-week trip in Scotland yet to come so I needed to conserve luggage space. 🙂

After joining Twitter and recently Instagram (@hstupno), I have discovered some truly wonderful people and accounts that do nothing but show stunning photographs and stories about York and the Yorkshire area. Each time I see a photograph, I simply want to go back and explore the countryside again.

This morning I pulled out my wee Yorkshire Tea teapot and filled it with Yorkshire Tea and dreamt of our brief time there. Ahhhh……

A wee teapot and a wee cup of Yorkshire Tea

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