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Tea from India

I saw on the Tozy Tea website where one of the owners gives the other owner this tea because it’s one of their favorites. Well, how can I pass up a tea that a tea owner loves, so I ordered a bag of the loose tea from them to try.

Nilgiri Frost tea is from the region of Nilgiri in southern India where frosts are fairly rare. When there is a frost, they harvest this special, black tea. The short days and frost concentrate the flavor creating a truly unique and luxurious tea.

The first thing I noticed were the amazingly long tea leaves that filled my ceramic strainer. The next thing I noticed was the long steep time that is recommended: 7-8 minutes at a water temp of 212º. I love strong tea, so this appealed to me even more. During that time, the leaves unfurl and consume the strainer with full leaves of Nilgiri tea. Love that.

The color of the brew is a lovely caramel, brown shade. The flavor? RICH is the best way for me to describe it. In fact, I’d call it the cashemere of tea…if anyone were to ask.

I can see why Heidi from Tozy Tea enjoys this. Knowing that it’s only harvested after a rare frost in the Nilgiri region means that it is a very special tea indeed and one I’m glad I had a chance to share with my online tea friends in over Michigan. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Tea from India”

  1. I just received this tea as birthday gift today! Oh my! It is special and rare! Very smooth and much like cashmere. The coloring is beautiful and there is not a bitter taste at all.


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